February Giveaway: The Raw Chocolate Pie Company

Here at Nina's Popcorn, we love to work with brands that share our ethos of using natural ingredients which are not only loaded in flavour, but enriched with natural benefits. To celebrate Valentines Day, we've teamed up with our friends at The Raw Chocolate Pie Company to offer a selection of both our products to one lucky person. Read on to find out more about The Raw Chocolate Pie Company and the entry requirements for our joint competition.

Recipe: Cacao, Goji Berry and Pistachio topped Pancakes

It’s safe to say, we love a good pancake. The fact that it’s Shrove Tuesday very soon has us eagerly anticipating the many pancakes we will consume. Topped with popcorn. Lots of popcorn. Mmmmm. Anyway, back to the recipe… We wanted to share an amazing vegan pancake recipe, topped with goji berries, pistachios and popcorn, and served with a warm cacao drizzle. Absolutely dreamy and antioxidant-rich, what more could you want!?

Recipe: Nina's Valentine Chocolate Mousse

“Popcorn is in the air…”

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we’ve whipped up a delicious and popcorn-filled chocolate mousse to surprise your loved one. Each of the ingredients used are individually nutritious, ensuring that you can enjoy a romantic (and guilt-free) evening!

Recipe: Spicy Sriracha Stuffed Pepper

We’ve been experimenting in the kitchen this month to bring you some exciting and popcorn-filled recipes. Literally. Queue our spicy sriracha stuffed pepper, filled with a delicious mix of our spicy sriracha and spirulina popcorn and hearty quinoa. This recipe is super versatile and makes for a delicious lunch or dinner!

Blogger Spotlight: An interview with Healthy Fit Fran

We had the pleasure of meeting professional dancer, dance instructor, and blogger Frances Katz, commonly known Healthy Fit Fran. Her recent return from Chile to London, encouraged the kick-start of her personal dream HFF Cardio, an energetic mix of cardio dance and a body-sculpting workout. We asked Fran a few questions about her lifestyle as a professional dancer, her dreams and her favourite popcorn flavour.

January Giveaway: Innermost

2017 is officially here and it’s our first POP giveaway of the year! If you’re anything like us, it was one cheeky mince pie too many but we’re ready to get back in the gym and get some goodness back in us. This month, we’ve teaming up with our friends at Innermost to offer a selection of both our products to one lucky person. Read on to find out more about Innermost and the entry requirements for our joint competition.

Kale'd it: The Nutritional Benefits of our Kale, Black Pepper and Lime Popcorn

For those of you who know Nina’s Popcorn, you know we love our packaging. It defines our products and has paved the way for our branding. In addition to being pretty, we our popcorn is also pretty good for you too. Our flavours were born through in-depth research and a whole lotta experimentation in the kitchen. Using the finest antioxidant-rich ingredients, we ensure that each mouthful of our popcorn is naturally nutritious and loaded with flavour. As the saying goes its what’s on the inside that counts! 

December Giveaway: Things That Make Us POP!

The festive season has begun, London is twinkling away and I don’t think anyone is able turn down a cheeky mince pie. This is a time in which we allow ourselves to indulge in the naughty; however, we are here to bring you the nice! This month, our favourite products that make us POP, are laden with nutritional benefits, as well as a little something to motivate you during (and after!) the Christmas month.

Recipe: Nina's Popcorn Crumbed Tofu Bites

Popcorn? Tofu? Together? They’re crazy you say! But we aren’t joking, we are being tofu-lly serious. Crumbed with our sriracha and spirulina popcorn, these tofu bites are a delicious and healthy addition to your lunch-time salad or rice bowl, and can even be stir-fried alongside your favourite veggies. 

November Giveaway: Things That Make Us POP!

This marks the start of a new and exciting monthly feature, in which we will showcase three of our favourite products from the previous month that have made us POP! You have a chance to win these amazing products every month, alongside a few delicious bags of our naturally nutritious popcorn, of course!

Champagne Life at Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery is renowned for it’s contemporary, yet eccentric exhibitions, and Champagne Life was no exception. From Soheila Sokhanvari’s taxidermy Horse to Julia Watchel’s Warhol inspired work, we take you through a few our favourite (and slightly obscure) pieces from Champagne Life.

Recipe: Nina’s Popcorn Brownies

As big fans of the sweet stuff, we wanted to share with you one of our favourite recipes. Delicious Vegan Popcorn Brownies, made with our Sweet Coconut, Himalayan Pink Salt and Maca Popcorn (although feel free to experiment by using any of our naturally nutritious flavours).

Nina’s floral ‘picks’ from London Fashion Week

We are a die-hard fan of the floral-print here at Nina’s, and as London Fashion Week fleetingly graced our presence, we felt it only fitting to showcase some of our favourite floral-themed collections that debuted their SS17 season last week. Caution: we can’t be held responsible for the actions taken after reading this, like the purchase of something florally-embellished and very expensive…