Blogger Spotlight: An interview with Healthy Fit Fran

We had the pleasure of meeting professional dancer, dance instructor, and blogger Frances Katz, commonly known @Healthy Fit Fran. Her recent return from Chile to London, encouraged the kick-start of her personal dream HFF Cardio, an energetic mix of cardio dance and a body-sculpting workout. We asked Fran a few questions about her lifestyle as a professional dancer, her dreams and her favourite popcorn flavour.

How did you manage to get into the dance industry?

As a child I would always dance around the house and come up with choreographies in my room, and at that stage I was into gymnastics and swimming. Because I was already committed to these two sports I was not really allowed to take up another one, although my dream was to do synchronized swimming or ballet. As I grew older I realized that I could not let this dream fade away, so when I was in my teen I was lucky to find an amazing ballet teacher in Chile, who I call my second mother. She was the pillar who gave me all the correct foundation to move forwards and become a dancer.

I then got the opportunity to leave my country and move to the UK to train at a professional Performing Arts college: Laine Theatre Arts, where I only recently (July 2016) graduated with a professional Diploma in Dance. I have done a few dance jobs over this period of time, but at the moment I am recovering from a knee injury/surgery, still have a few more months to go for before I can start working professionally again.

What do you love about being a professional dancer?

That I get to do what I love as my job! I mean, I don’t think many people can wake up every day feeling excited to be working and ready to start the day. But as fun as it might sound it also has its down side, and this is when injuries come in the picture… Once you are injured, you are out until you have fully recovered. So there is always that risk that you could have few weeks or even months, (like in my case) without working.

You’ve been able to work with companies such as Adidas and Womens Health. What did you do within these roles and how did this impact your career?

I was scouted when I was in Chile to be part of the Adidas Women training team in which they had collaboration with Women´s Health magazine. For several months I was training with a special team and we would track our thoughts and promote part of the clothing line, by appearing in interviews or articles for the magazine.

You are currently on a break from dancing for a few months; has this allowed you to focus on other opportunities within the health industry?

Yes absolutely. My main focus now is to build myself more in the Health and Fitness Industry (Healthy Fit Fran), do more work in the blogging scene and aim to be an influencer who other people can relate to. As well as getting my dance concept developed as a potential company/franchise (HFF CARDIO DANCE).

 What is the driving force behind your personal fit and healthy lifestyle?

I use the term “WE ARE ALL GIFTED” as my force of motivation, to keep my mindset on a healthy platform. Our bodies are incredible gifts that we need to treat like treasure! My goal is to show others my lifestyle as someone who can help young women who want to follow a balanced lifestyle and encourage them to maintain a nourished life. I believe that keeping things real is fundamental.

What is the best thing you could say to encourage someone to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle?

I would say that the best thing to say to encourage someone to start adopting a healthy lifestyle would be to first of all accept who you are! Accept your body, your strengths and your weaknesses; from there think of realistic and achievable goals you can set yourself. Once all this it all comes down to consistency and telling yourself that YOU CAN! The moment we start doubting of who we are and our capabilities our energy will drop.

Future goals?

My main goal is to recover from this knee injury as best as I can and be back on the roads again! DANCING MY LIFE AWAY… For 2017 I want to set and register my concept, start growing and expanding hopefully for 2018. The dream goal would be to magnify the method and have special trainers all over the world teaching HFF CARDIO DANCE. At the moment I have a list of some potential trainers who would like to spread the concept over the UK and in CHILE. 



Spot to eat in London: NEAL´S YARD and Tibits Restaurant.

To workout: HFF CARDIO DANCE (of course) and a good pumping spin class at TRIBECA STUDIOS with my favourite trainer Susie Millen!

Post-workout snack: I have Many… QUARK, (filled with good protein, quite similar to Greek yoghurt), rye toast and of course when I am feeling peckish a beautiful packet of Nina´s Popcorn.

To shop: Stella McCartney Adidas store (not to mention that I can afford most of it) and Whole Foods store.

 To chill: A sauna

 Nina’s Popcorn flavour: Sweet coconut, Himalayan pink salt and maca!!!