December Giveaway: Things That Make Us POP!

December POP Giveaway

The festive season has begun, London is twinkling away and I don’t think anyone is able turn down a cheeky mince pie. This is a time in which we allow ourselves to indulge in the naughty; however, we are here to bring you the nice! This month, our favourite products that make us POP, are laden with nutritional benefits, as well as a little something to motivate you during (and after!) the Christmas month. You have a chance to win these amazing products, alongside a limited edition taster pack of our naturally nutritious popcorn, of course! For entry requirements, read below.


Simplee Aloe

Aloe Vera has been traditionally used for years, due to its health and healing benefits. It is great for your skin, general health and immune system. Simplee Aloe have come up with a clever way of bottling this source of goodness into a refreshing and nutritious drink. With three delicious and fruity flavours; superberries, grape and lemon and apple and mango, it is definitely hard to choose which to go for first! We had the pleasure of meeting their lovely team at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair, where we had our first aloe encounter. It’s safe to say we are now avid Simplee Aloe drinkers! You could win a whole case of their fruity apple and mango flavour by entering our giveaway!


Alchemy Super Blends

Alchemy Super Blends are tailored made to our everyday needs, bringing the health benefits from some of the worlds most nutrient-rich foods into easy and versatile blends that support a range of lifestyles and diets. Alchemy sources superfoods such as wheatgrass, baobab, and spirulina making it more accessible for us to consume their combined nutrients, in a direct hit to our area of need. Their four varieties are Morning Elixir, Energy Elixir, Beauty Elixir and Sport Elixir, all with rich plant-protein and countless nutrients! We are giving away one bag of their Energy Elixir, which contains five beneficial ingredients which help your body to feel energized. This blend is a rich source of vitamin C, iron, plant proteins and Maca, which is known for its energizing qualities. 


Nativ Bottle

Nativ Bottle have taken motivation to a new level, by introducing their range of four coloured water bottles adorned with motivational quotes such as ‘Beast Mode’ and ‘Good Vibes Only’. On the reverse of each bottle is a water tracker, with hourly scheduled drink timings allowing you to track your intake of water throughout the day and in turn feel motivated! Whether used for fitness or your everyday water bottle, the aim is to drink two bottles per day which amounts to 1800ml or roughly around six glasses of water. Reaching a consistent level of hydration is important to maintain your general health and wellbeing, and you’ll reap the benefits with one these quirky bottles. By entering our giveaway, you could win a tangerine coloured ‘Beast Mode’ bottle!

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