Recipe: Nina's Popcorn Crumbed Tofu Bites

Popcorn? Tofu? Together? They’re crazy you say! But we aren’t joking, we are being tofu-lly serious. Crumbed with our sriracha and spirulina popcorn, these tofu bites are a delicious and healthy addition to your lunch-time salad or rice bowl, and can even be stir-fried alongside your favourite veggies. Have a read of our recipe below!



1 block of tofu (We use Yutaka Tofu 350g)

1 bag of our sriracha and spirulina popcorn



Chilli Powder (Optional)

Coconut oil



1.     You need to lightly dry your tofu to ensure a crispy exterior. To do this, once out of its packaging cut your tofu into bite-sized pieces and then place onto a paper towel. Sprinkle lightly with salt (optional) and place another paper towel on top. Leave for around 10-15 minutes, which gives you enough time to prep your coating!

2.     Put your popcorn into a food processer and blitz until fine. We used around half a packet of popcorn which was more than enough for 350g of tofu, however you can easily gauge if you need any more once blitzed up. You may want to lay out some newspaper for this stage, our popcorn went everywhere.

3.     Once blitzed to your desired consistency, put this into a deep bowl and season to your taste. We added some extra chilli powder for a kick!

4.     By this time, your tofu should be much drier but still slightly wet. This will ensure the coating sticks nicely. Place each piece of tofu into the crumb and roll until evenly coated.

5.     Heat a pan with about 1tbsp of coconut oil. This really compliments the coconut aroma of our sriracha popcorn!

6.     Once the oil has heated, put your tofu into the pan to cook on a medium heat. Make sure to turn occasionally to ensure all sides are evenly browned.

7.     Enjoy! We added our tofu into a brown rice bowl, piled with kidney beans, pinto beans, avocado, tomato, and finished with a drizzle of sriracha sauce of course!